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Tips to Storing That Save You Time and Money

  • Store couches on end to save room.
  • Use furniture covers to protect your items.
  • Clear a path down the center of your unit to easily reach items.
  • Cushion fragile items and keep them toward the top, so they don't break.
  • Store valuable items toward the back to avoid tempting someone to steal.
  • Fill boxes to capacity, so they don't tip or collapse.
  • Store items you will need to access frequently toward the front of your unit.
  • Pack boxes evenly and fully.
  • Label boxes and keep a list of items in each box, so you know where everything is placed.
  • Measure the length, width and height of the largest item you need to store. This will show you the smallest unit size you could take.​
Secured Self Storage units
  • If you're storing the entire contents of your house, let the storage provider know how many bedrooms you have, as this is a good indicator of space needed.
  • If you're storing everything in boxes, tell the self storage facility the size of box and how many you have. They can make an estimate based on this.
  • If you have room in, for example, a garage or a spare room, put all of your boxes and storage items in it as if you were storing it, so you can see how much space it takes up.