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Throw Away, Sell, or Store?


Moving an entire household can turn into a complex elimination process. Instead of packing every accumulated item, some of your current stuff needs to go. Trimming down your home's contents for a move often means doing one of three things - throwing items away, selling them, or storing them.

If you're not sure which items fit into each of these categories, take a look at the questions that you need to ask yourself.

What Condition Are the Items In?

Evaluating the condition of your belongings isn't always a yes or no process. Worn, torn, or stained furniture is sometimes salvageable. Reupholstering a chair, sanding and staining a wooden desk, or replacing a broken part can make an old item new again.

Items that are beyond repair, show clear signs of mold growth, or have water or fire damage aren't typically worth saving. If repairing the item is possible, but you don't have the time to do so during your move, storage is a realistic option.

How Often Do You Use the Items?

Holiday decorations aren't year-round home décor. But you may keep them up for weeks or even months. Even though some homeowners periodically replace their holiday décor with upgrades or the newest products, saving these items to reuse can save you time and money.

Unless you're in the midst of a holiday season, bringing these items to your new home takes up valuable space. Stashing them in a storage unit is an easy option that allows you to come back, pick up, and use them as needed.

The same type of thinking applies to other seldom or periodically used items. Fine china that only makes an appearance once or twice a year, silver, or off-season items are all realistic candidates for storage.

Some items, such as paperwork, are easy to store. But if you need your birth certificate, home buyer's agreement, or another important item, keeping it off-site may pose a serious challenge. You are better off keeping these in a locked box, safe, or other secure area at home with you.

Can You Sell the Items?

Before filling a dumpster with everything that doesn't belong in storage, ask yourself if you can resell it. Even though you may not have a use for the soon to be discarded belonging, someone else might. If the item is in decent shape, has no noticeable damage, and isn't something that you'll use again, selling it online is a potentially profitable idea.

If you have multiple items that you won't take with on the move and that don't belong in storage, holding a yard sale is an efficient alternative to listing each piece individually online. Price the items to sell, let your neighbors know about the sale, and post the details on a community social media page.

Can You Donate the Items?

In some cases, the garbage, a storage unit, or a yard sale aren't the only options. Items that you can't use and you can't sell for a profit are potential picks for donation.

What can you donate? The answer depends on where you plan to donate the items and what the organization's rules and needs are. In general, you can donate:

  • Furniture. Some charitable organizations will send a truck to pick up and haul away your gently used furniture. Never donate anything that is unsafe, wet, moldy, or has any type of pest infestation or damage.

  • Home goods. Curtains, bed or bath linens, and dining linens (such as a tablecloth) that are in acceptable conditions are also items to consider donating.

  • Toys. Homeless women's shelters and other organizations that help families or children in need may get use from your child's old playthings. Again, only consider donating gently used items that are in acceptable shape.

Along with these picks, clothes, books, and some electronics are also items that you can donate during your move.

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