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Packing Tips to Avoid Loss and Confusion

Moving Boxes in Living Room
Packing your belongings to put in storage can be confusing and time-consuming. Knowing which boxes everything goes in is not always easy, and remembering where those things are when you need to get them can be difficult as well.
Even when your belongings are in storage, getting to them doesn't have to be difficult. Follow these tips to make packing, moving, and storing easier.
Use New and Different Sized Cardboard Boxes
Old boxes often have experienced temperate changes throughout their lifespan, as well as become brittle over time. This can lead to them breaking open when you try to stack more boxes on them.
Same-size boxes stack better, but having some of different sizes allows you to fill gaps and not waste room in the truck or in storage. Additionally, new boxes are often stronger and can hold belongings better for longer.
Paint Boxes for Fragile Items Red
Many people ignore the word Fragile. By taking a can of spray paint, painting fragile boxes red, and then writing the word Fragile on them, someone cannot easily ignore the fact that what they carry or stack is something they need to be careful with.
Make a Packing Inventory Chart
Making a detailed inventory chart may add to your packing time initially, but this will significantly cut down on your time and troubles later when you unpack or look for something.
Mark the same letter or word on the boxes from one room and give each box its individual number. On your inventory chart, duplicate that letter or word and number, and then mark down everything that goes into the box.
When you need something later, you can look at the inventory chart and see the item is in a specifically marked box.
Tape Pictures on Miscellaneous Boxes
No matter how organized you are, you'll have those scattered items that don't belong to any one room or category. In this case, you can photograph the items while they are out. Then, print the picture so it's large enough to clearly see and tape it on the front of the box.
Pack One Room Before Moving to the Next
The first room you pack should become your temporary storage room you'll use for the boxes until you move them into storage. Therefore, you should pack a larger room first that you won't need anything else from.
Move All Furniture Against One Wall of the Storage Unit
Move furniture first and stack it as well as you can. Since furniture is odd-shaped, you can use your appliances with flat tops, such as your washer, dryer, and stove to section off the area with furniture. Stack any lightweight bags and fabric items on top of the furniture and appliances. Don't put heavy boxes on the appliances or you can dent or even break them.
Stack Your Boxes in Lanes
Stack your boxes along the other two walls. The stacks can be as tall as possible for you to still be able to safely bring the top box down without injuring yourself.
Work out from the walls, creating lanes that are a box-width away from the next lane over. This creates what will be your walking and transporting room.
Use Drawers for Storing Pictures
Your empty dresser and nightstand drawers can be the perfect place to put your framed pictures that will fit inside them. This keeps them out of the way and from falling over and breaking in the storage unit.
You can also use areas like the inside of the dishwasher, oven, and refrigerator to store knick-knacks and fragile items. Placing an opened box of baking soda in the refrigerator during storage can help fend off odors.
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