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3 Things to Look for in a Storage Facility

Storage units are the perfect place to stash your holiday décor or recreational vehicles, and they will help you enjoy more free space in your home and garage. However, it isn't always easy to narrow down which storage facility to use, especially if you have never rented a space before.
This guide lists three things to look for in a storage facility, and why you won't regret being selective about the company you choose. 
1. Easy Move-Ins
By the time you clean out your home and pack up your car, the last thing you want to do is sit in an office and fill out loads of paperwork, but unfortunately, some storage facilities have pages and pages you will have to go through before you can move your stuff in.
In contrast, some facilities make it incredibly easy to move in, requiring only a single call to get the ball rolling and an email confirmation to sign up for your space.
As you contact different storage facilities, ask the managers how complex the move-in paperwork is, and whether or not you could take care of it in the timeframe you are working with. If you are busy, ask management if they can email you the paperwork to fill out online, so that you don't have to go over things in person.
In addition to saving you time, simple move-in paperwork can also make it easier to understand how the storage rental process works. For instance, when businesses have a streamlined process, you might have a better idea of things like office hours, rental policies, and insurance implications, which can simplify your entire storage experience.
2. Climate Controlled Storage Units
When you need a place to stash your extra things, the last thing you want to worry about is damage during the time in storage. Unfortunately, stark temperature changes and fluctuating humidity levels can cause furniture to warp, leaving you with items that you aren't even sure you want to keep.
Fortunately, many storage facilities offer climate-controlled storage units, which are heated during the winter and air-conditioned during the summer. Because all of your items are kept a relatively stable temperature, you won't have to worry about damage, potentially saving you money in the long run.
Additionally, climate controlled units can keep things like candles, clothing, and long-term food storage safe, so that you don't have to replace things when you want to move things out of storage and back into your home.
3. A Focus on Facility Security
While it is true that most storage facilities are safe and secure, problems like burglaries can happen, especially if facility management doesn't place an emphasis on facility security. If the front gates aren't monitored, then people might be able to access units, remove locks, and steal items that don't belong to them.
Fortunately, by looking for a storage facility that focuses on security, you might be able to prevent problems. As you look for a storage unit, ask managers which kinds of security measures they use to keep the area safe. Ask about things like outdoor lighting, manager presence, and routine maintenance. Additionally, talk with managers about access hours, and when people are permitted to come and go.
By looking for a facility with a gate surrounding the business and a front gate controlled with a computerized keypad, you can rest a little easier knowing your things are safe. 
Whether your home is overflowing with stuff or you are in the middle of a move, we can help. Here at Secured Self Storage, our resident managers take customer service seriously, making your experience easier. From simple move-in paperwork to climate-controlled storage units, our goal is to save you money. Learn more about our available units by giving us a call today.